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Hello there, you found me! I'm Lily, and I'm a whatever-suits-me kind of pagan - but also Lokean - which will explain the large amount of Loki-related posts! I started this blog as a way of meeting like-minded people, so come say hi! Also because I wanted somewhere to write and post my personal pagan musings. I don't bite... often. Check out my About Me, but if you have any questions, just ask!

I know it’s been a while, but I thought here was the best place to post it.

This might sound a little odd, but please, bear with me.

I’ve been getting flashbacks that I can’t explain - flashbacks that I’ve had for years. What I mean by this is that they are pieces of memory that just pop into my mind when triggered by certain sounds or scents or sights. But they can’t be memory, because I haven’t lived them - and they are from different time periods.

I’m writing this because I have just had another one. It’s late medieval this time. People dancing, music playing. One woman is laughing, and it seems to be a court celebration of some kind. It seems so familiar, but I have obviously never lived in medieval times. Nor have I ever taken part in historical roleplay. And when I see these flashbacks, there is this strange sense of longing and nostalgia - as if I know those memories even though I can’t remember them.

Has anyone had something similar? Or am I just going mad?





this lady danced for all eternity

literally, mother nature.

I don’t care if I’ve already reblogged this.

that’s pretty fucking cool

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If you think a deity is calling you, ask why. What is he or she calling you for? There is an idea floating around that every Pagan should have his or her own patron deity. This is a nice thought, but it doesn’t align with what our ancient ancestors believed nor with the experience of many contemporary polytheists. The gods have their own areas of interest and responsibility – being your guardian and guide may not be at the top of their priority lists.
Don’t assume that any contact is an offer to be your patron, or even that you should have a patron. People and gods are all unique – no two relationships are identical.

If a goddess or god is calling you, odds are good she or he wants you to do something: make an offering, tell a story, do something to help his or her work, or do something to make yourself ready to do something bigger at some point in the future. Be prepared to respond with action.

That something may or may not include priestly work. Priesthood is a special calling and is not to be taken lightly. Priests and priestesses are people who have taken special obligations to perform special services for an extended period of time. For all I have done for and with Morrigan, she has not called me to be her priest. But that hasn’t stopped her from asking me to do things for her. As with the question of patronage, don’t assume you should be a priest or priestess.

Just to be clear: modern Paganism generally takes a very Protestant approach to priesthood. All Pagans are priests in that you don’t need a specialist or other intermediary to approach the gods. Those who are called to priesthood – those who I would call priest or priestess – are servants of a particular deity or deities with an obligation to do their work in this world. Or they are servants and leaders of a particular group – they are clergy.
Ask yourself if what you’re hearing is challenging you to do something different – to change the way you worship, the way you live, the way you think, the way you relate to the rest of the Universe. The gods are busy and they don’t need idle followers. They need people who will be their hands in this world.

Finally, ask yourself if you’re ready to hear the call of the gods. While you can and should retain your sovereignty even when dealing with the gods, what is heard cannot be unheard and what is promised cannot be undone.

Cast runes several times. They all told me the same thing. *facedesk*

That’ll be the reason why this blog is so rarely updated these days. I do apologise. A lot of my spiritual happenings are ones that I don’t often feel the need to blog about. Despite my liking for social media and the way it can be used to connect people and do good (and bad, true), I’m a very private person. My spirituality is not something I announce to the world very often. 

After suffering a major bout of depression these past few weeks, I feel a little more stable, and after casting runes yesterday, I feel slightly more on track and on target. I’m working my way towards getting back in touch with the deities I regretfully blocked off as I tried to sort my life out. (Long story, won’t go into it.)

Loki is here; I will admit it surprised me how willing he was to stick around when I was in a spiritual block, and he wants me to start using runes more regularly, which I will do. As well as get up, brush the dust off me and get back in the saddle.

It’s been two years this month since he came into my life. I’m coming to the end of adolescence, and even though at times I might have ignored him and hesitated, denied and became lost, I’m glad he never left. I hope our bond - whatever you want to call it - strengthens. And I hope my skills develop and grow. 


Flowchart on discernment, by request. Props to Jim, Aika-san, and LittleDinoBug for their encouragement of graphic organizers, input, and general awesomeness. Based on the “Your Godphone is Okay" post.


Lookie, a new project. <3

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Because of this ask, I think it might be a good idea to create a list of identifying signs that people can refer to.

This would likely have to be a community effort, with everyone reblogging and adding their deity and identifying signs to the list.

For those without any attachments/contracts/internships with deities, please do reblog to pass it on as well.

For those with unnamed/anonymous/keeping up the mystery appeal deities… try putting it as  (username)’s God/Goddess.


  1. Find your deity if they’re already on the list. If not on list, add them in alphabetical order for reference.
  2. Add in the signs that you use to identify your deities, then sign with your username in square brackets []. Link your username, if you like.
  3. Pass it on! XD Please keep the pagan tag in, though, so we can really build up a database.


Reveals presence through phenomena in nature such as brighter sunlight than usual, sunlight being behind clouds until one steps outside (which is when the clouds reveal the sun), warmer weather then planned, etc; More allusions to the sun or sun-related references showing up; Stronger connections to loved-ones, romantic partners, etc; Stronger sexual drive; Instilling stronger sense of nature appreciation, kindness to others, and appreciation for all things; Brings feelings of protection, satisfaction with life, internal and external peace, forgiveness, healing; Subtle but clear and concise signs; Helps individual realize ideas needed to be known through internal conversation leading to realization. Foods associated with Amaterasu are rice, sake, salt; desire to consume these items may rise. Stones associated are clear quartz. [lord-yggdrasill]


bright gold like sunlight; dark curly hair; very dramatic entrances; associated with the Sun in the tarot. [bouquetsofperfumedstars] [does not work closely with deity]

Doesn’t really engage, staring out into the distance but not really seeing it. When he looks at you he really looks at you. Redish curly hair and a sloping nose. Leanly built. Quiet and thoughtful. [TheWalker][doesn’t work closely with deity]

Silver and gold together.  Mathematics, particularly geometry.  Music and math together.  Pure light, like shafts of sunlight.  Sense of being observed and notated, but not gazed at directly; His sight, to me, always seems distant and far-reaching, while things immediately surrounding the present are seen as though from His peripheral vision.  [Eupheme]

Feelings of heat (not warmth, heat). Sudden heartfelt feelings of summer even in the winter. Inspiration, urge to create, idea generation. Feelings of internal, spiritual healing. Hunger— breaking of fasts. [StSathyre]

Feels like the tingle up the spine that is caused by hearing or reading something important or emotionally affecting - often music or something art/study-related - along with heat (internal when inspired, external with divination). Curly hair, sense of being everywhere and nowhere (feels… “big”), somewhat blunt/straight to the point but occasionally teasing, and very goal focused/dedicated while still stopping to “smell the roses.” [BetrayingReality]


white and earthy colors; you may see significantly more deer, bears, wildlife, significantly more than usual or in places where they usually aren’t; her energy is a bit subtle (like a huntress keeping herself hidden), youthful and strong and independent, may hide her face; associated with Justice in the tarot. [bouquetsofperfumedstars] [does not work closely with deity]

As Potnia Theron, Mistress of Wild Beasts: very vivid colors and smells, sense of being in the moment.  Feeling of being watched and tracked.  Marshes.  Bright red on dark green, like blood spilled in a forest.  Sunlight glinting off of arrows.  Slightly menacing, in the way any wild animal is.  [Eupheme]


Gold, brown, muted dark green.  Gilt armor.  Light shining from the shadows.  Bright eyes.  Spears.  Owls.  Serpents, especially large ones.  Feeling of being not just watched, but observed and judged.  Increasing urge to get things done and/or organized.  Gorgon-faces.  Increasing urge to work with one’s hands.  [Eupheme]


Soft browns and greys, doves, brings about a sense of peace and comfort. Signs given are quiet and muted. [Lux]

Baba Yaga:

Food—lots and lots and lots of food. Black; dark, deep reds; white. Sometimes muted royal blues. Bones. Emphasis on witchcraft and magic. Give-and-take. Lots of energy, often with a sort of frantic taste to it. Wholehearted glee in doing whatever you want. Absolute freedom/disregard for authority (except hers). Very demanding. Has a tendency to make deals only when they benefit her, or deals that are double-edged blades (so to speak). Laughter. Fun-loving but conniving and manipulative when she gets down to business. [Boneshaker]


(As if this wasn’t obvious) Is drawn to anything involving cats or cat symbolism. Person will usually have a strong connection to cats and be able to befriend cats easily. May sometimes act like a cat. May also feel as if cats are constantly around you/watching over you/etc - even if you can’t see them. Colours are most typically black, can also be colours seen in cat furs. Sunshine patches. Tarot Card would be The Sun. 

I haven’t attempted it yet, but I have a feeling that my Tarot of the Cat People or my boyfriend’s Tarot of the Pagan Cats (or any other cat-centered Tarot deck) would be good for communication with her. If you feel drawn to any of these decks, it may be her calling you. [Nova’s Grimoire] [does not work closely with this deity]

Brigit/ Brighid:

A deep, yellowish green, a bit of gold, the sense of a warm fire built in a safe, dry cave. A feeling like someone placing a coat around  your shoulders. At first, I saw rabbits moving around in twilight/dawn hours, but I think she may have been working with what she could regionally. When writing or performing poetry, a hazy flush of rosy gold surrounding the room and the sense of being above your own head, watching yourself create. [x glitterywitch]

Colours are dark-ish greens, firey reds and golds. Urge to make things or write poetry. Strong connection to the kitchen/hearth. Wands cards, most particularly Queen of Wands. [Nova’s Grimoire] [does not work closely with this deity]


Old weathered rocks, thin woods, worn paths. Shafts of sunlight. Golds, muted greens, dark black- or red- browns, grays. Stags, birds of prey. Winter and summer. Hunting. Patience, understanding, loyalty. Defensive of his followers and “territory.” You are more likely to find him if you go to him than if you wait for him to come to you. A quiet presence; a feeling of being watched. A guardian figure. Will sometimes guide you to become a guardian to others. Good fortune in romance/love/lust. Being aroused/horny, sometimes suddenly. When asked for something, has a tendency to give vague wait-and-see responses (“I’ll see what I can do” or variant). [Boneshaker]


interesting. Long dark tangled hair and a sort of artfully unkempt look/feel. He doesn’t seem to really be in the present. Mellow and pleasant but a little bit of a ticking time bomb. Kind of waiting for him to kill someone… [TheWalker][doesn’t work closely with deity]


Intense stares, calculating and quiet, greys and blacks, thick fur, scent of the forest, feral and untameable at his worst, loyal and affectionate at his best, shoulder nuzzling, wolves (obviously), amber/gold eyes. [darylina-dixon]


The person might notice that they’ve been having a LOT of good luck, especially luck that is undeserved. You may notice you are great with divinations, or perhaps are clairvoyant to a degree. Telling the future just comes naturally to you. Midsummer is one of your favorite holidays, and you seem to understand that the world isn’t fair. You might feel a strange and soft presence at times, but it is constant and comforting. Is the Wheel of Fortune your favorite Tarot card? Do you really like orange or green? If luck seems to always be on your side, then Fortuna might be the one [faerylizzy][If anyone else is working with/drawn to this deity, please contact her]


white, red, gold; distinctive gold necklace; wise, sorcery; nice but a bit more formal; associated with the Chariot in the tarot. [bouquetsofperfumedstars] [does not work closely with deity]


Greens and golds. Solar wheels (or any solar symbol). Harvesty-things. Agricultural things such as fruits, vegetables, grains, and livestock. Phallic symbols. Royalty. Fighting when necessary to defend or bring peace. Horses. Boars. Deer antlers. Ing and Jera runes. NO WEAPONS. Warm but not oppressive sunlight. A feeling of peace. Fullness. Being content. The death-rebirth cycle (example: fallen tree with new growth coming from the tree’s death). And more phallic symbols. Penises galore. [freysvinr]

[Crescent Grove’s] “Mother”/”The Lady”/ Nameless Goddess”:

Groves, light and dark blue, blond, night sky, colored ribbons, crescent and full moons. Smiles, hugs, swift kicks and waves of blood if crossed. Long fingers. Hearths. Animals and fae showing extra attraction. A sultry purr. Hair stroking. Hard lessons. [TheCrescentGrove]

[Star’s] Goddess “Lady of the Scarred”:

flashes of stitches like a bracelet, or perhaps scars all the way around the wrist. Sudden heat, like someone’s hugging you. Intense creative urges that don’t fit your normal pattern, and a minor compulsion to finish whatever. Symmetry and contrast are appealing. A husky female voice, too close for comfort and gone before you can protest the intrusion. A light scent of heat and smoke. A feeling of peace, calm, and centered-ness with Presence. [Star-weaver]

Guan Yin:

Sense of peace and fluidity, calm, groundedness, easy adapting to change. Flowing between opposites. Water. Clear blues. The Cups suit in Tarot, most commonly the King or Queen of Cups. Cucumbers. Sleepwalker by Nightwish. [Nova’s Grimoire] [does not work closely with this deity]


I see radiant black hair that has golden stars shining within. Never as a ‘crone’ but more motherly, or a stern but loving aunt. And hounds…don’t forget the hounds. Torch-bearer. And yes, the beat that I hear when she is around makes you want to belly-dance. [BellonaNJ73]

golden blackness (very difficult to explain - like the blackest black that emanates gold light), teeth (which you will get a chance to see up close and personal if you, um, intrude), claws, bones, gold (did I say gold, ‘cos gold), grey hooded cloak, starry chiton (ie. made from stars and night and the vast depths of space), blue goldstone, The Hermit.

NO CHOCOLATE. NO WINE. Almond milk, honey, honeyed almond milk, almonds, feta, figs, shallots, pomegranate green tea.

I’ve seen her dancing, slow and graceful, very stylised. Usually near a tree - or even within the roots - or at the (stormy) ocean’s edge. She can appear slightly taller than average or absolutely giant. Generally neutral-serious, no nonsense; not stern, but not jovial either. [lacartetreizieme]


Deep shadows in corner of eye, never appears directly ahead, always just out of eye shot. Feelings of weightlessness, stomach butterflies, mild (fight or flight) anxiety. Generally appears when one ignores the messages of ancestors, is dealing with death, or is having a hard time with feelings of guilt in mourning. [StSathyre]


Sense of breeze, like something moving past at high velocity.  Kerykeion/Caduceus imagery.  Wings.  Laughter heard from a distance.  Blue eyes.  Dark curly hair.  Impeccable comic timing.  On occasion, pinstripe business suits, wire-rimmed glasses, and a gold pocket-watch chain. [Eupheme]

Dark curly hair, dark eyes, warm smile. Lean and tall, definitely has a runner’s build.  He kinda looks like he’s in his late teens-really early twenties. Surprising sweet and charming though I’m pretty sure most of our conversations are him taunting me and me sort of throwing “your face is”s at him. Teasing and fun. Kinda makes me want to actually work out and feel a need to get places quicker. Generally wears casual clothes like shorts and tank tops. Every time I make a deal with him I am like SHIT this is going to fuck me over later and then he LAUGHS. [TheWalker]

Revealed presence through snakes approaching me every day until he was recognized and asked to stop, also in flying things (during a military aerobatics demonstration, in my case), electronic media and communication (the Internet in particular). Dramatic increase in number and force of signs until officially recognized and asked to stop. Sense of urgency, hurry, and impatience. Very intense. Metallic colors, urban imagery, seems to appreciate anything high velocity, especially anything exceptionally faster than the rest of its ilk (a fast bird, a race, a jet aircraft, or even a high speed Internet connection, etc.). Gives answers, energy, luck, and inspiration. Likes offerings of pennies (symbol of money/commerce and luck), but throw in a few larger coins like quarters as well, and keep adding to the pot. Does not appreciate being ignored. Laughs/jokes a lot. Quick witted and a bit sarcastic. [Will]


pink, roses, femininity, gold, stars, all things related to luxury and making one feel a woman, cooking, cleaning, OCD, motherhood. [Satsekhem]

Holle/Fraa Holle/Holda:

White. Blue. Sickle. Snow. Winter. Crones. Mother. Witches. Rabbits/Hares. Spinning tools. Flax and linen. Natural pools, springs, and fountains. Wells. [freysvinr]

Hard work, dedication, and goals. Feel of the drive to complete projects, especially household ones, crafty stuff, and ones related to care of others. Compassion along with work ethic. Snow. Productive relaxation. Recycling/upcycling. [BetrayingReality[doesn’t work closely with deity]


Gold and light metallic purples. Flash of golden eyes and wings on the face. A sudden tiredness like you are going to fall asleep RIGHT THEN. 
Lions, eight pointed star, sense of excitement/abandon and a very no-bullshit attitude, gold jewellery, musky sweet perfume/incense, sensual sexuality, open flames, fresh flowers. [bay-oread]
The smell of clay, blood and sweat. A heavy feeling in your womb (if female) and deep sexual desire. An erotic desire to eat crusty bread and fresh butter, and honey. Thick red wine. Patchouli and sage incense. 3AM on a summer night during a full moon. [kittyunfiltered]


Gold and silver and a multitude of blues. Reds when She is insistent. Flowing dresses, usually blue or white, plenty of adorning jewelry that doesn’t seem to weigh Her down — only make Her lighter. Misted-over/milky eyes with no iris or pupil, though sometimes She appears with eyes with an iris the color of the Nile. Long dark hair with a flow that reminds one of water, but seems to glow or is backlit by the light of the moon.

Ankhs, scarabs, but only when She is in a particularly motherly mood. Which is a lot of the time. Very attached to the sea and the moon and celebrates every full moon. Likes really sweet fruit tea, or tea with lots of sugar. Tends to appear connected to everything, very reminiscent of an Earth Mother or Gaia deity. Makes very personal connections with followers and always looks at the bigger picture. Tends to treat everyone like a child and She is the mother who knows best. However, She offers nothing for free; if it seems like She is, there is most likely something She will be able to cash in on later. Holds promises high and you will probably feel Her wrath if you break one. Otherwise, a very laid-back and easy-to-please patron, very welcoming to anyone and believes there is always something you can offer. [KingofWands]

Motherly warmth, yet very regal. Warm medium brown hair against the royal purple. Very caring but you get on her bad side, and you understand the meaning behind the phrase ‘the most dangerous creature to encounter is a mother protecting her young’. [BellonaNJ73]

A whimsical and joyful presence. May sometimes cause a jolt and then quick soothing. Sudden warmth, that starts from the belly and quickly moves up. A need to get up and do something. Might stir up longing. He may permit you to call him Raum. [aletheiathecryptic/mnemosyne666]
A gentle, calm presence who smells like rain.  Causes an attraction to pottery, as well as rams and animals with spiral horns.  Inspires you to create things, such as paintings and sculptures.  [arcturus0]


(My guide/he is an unworshipped god after all) I mean the non-greek kratos okay.

Nice suits, black hair with a single white stripe, piercing ice blue eyes, wolf ears/tail (white) sometimes, nicely tailored suits and clothing always, riddles, berating you about your choice of tea or your choice in men, never giving a single straight answer, illusion magic (nothing you work is real when you’re dealing with Kratos) sigil magic that’s also ice blue, blonde laydees, and being so british you shit the queen. [Dusken]

judges me when I am lazy in my tea making. Like I can FEEL the disapproval radiating from him. Wakes Tara up in wolf form. When he’s being difficult he’ll only respond to questions if I phrase them in the most self-deprecating way. Slightly sad but tries not to go there. Wears WAISTCOATS (very particular about that) when I see him. Sophisticated and kinda dickish. [TheWalker]


Emerald green eyes, wicked grins (sometimes) or a smug/pleased but will NOT explain why smile, very RED/red-orange hair (sometimes). Very attractive; sense/appearance of fey-ness or feral energy. Definitely would not be confused with being human. The Emperor in my Thoth deck; has been indicated by the King of Swords in my Wizards Tarot. Joy of experiencing life. Fuzzy warm energy, like being wrapped in flannel; can feel HOT, like being almost too close to a heater. [arbitrarychicken]

Vibrant purples and reds, deepening to autumn colours like blood orange. Sharp grins, wide grins, wolfish grins. There’s a lot of grinning going on. Winks, puns, innuendos. So much cinnamon. Random corny and/or relevant songs. Heat. Lightning. [beforetheworldgoesheadlong]

He has a thing for when I bake with apples (always knocks pieces out of my hands). And ground cloves with cinnnamon. Warmth of a dark summer night. And snark. [BellonaNJ73]

fiery oranges and reds, sly grins, wolfish smirks, snark, sweet/spicy smells (cinnamon, etc), fire-like glow, dramatic, innuendos, heat, joking, you may get the sense he’s laughing at you, a hand on the shoulder or stroking your hair, strong emotions (positive and negative), can be fatherly, creativity, understanding, really silly or really emotional songs (he gets a kick out of “Oppa Gangnam Style” but also communicates through very heavy songs), loves sweets, associated with the Magician in tarot. [bouquetsofperfumedstars]

Laughter, friendliness, rich spices, sweets, likes to hide your items in the strangest places. [dancing-in-shadows]

Blood reds, fiery oranges and yellows, glowing warmth, sweet scents (usually something spicy like cinnamon), associated with the King of Wands in Tarot, creative urges, strong emotions (burning rage, manic happiness, etc.), gentle fires (hearth fire as opposed to a wildfire) [darylina-dixon]

A thought calling out one’s own BS, distinct from one’s regular internal critic (“oh really?”) Getting exactly what you asked for, not exactly what you wanted. [Hofgythia]

Warm, cinnamon presence; sly tenor (to use Lucifer’s PA’s description); in good moods, He can give off an air of loving snark; if you do something stupid and ridiculous, you might hear Him laughing at you; cinnamon browns/deep reds; tends to let you know when He isn’t pleased; likes to interrupt and give input sometimes; will ask for candy and sweets. [i-dream-of-eclectic-sheep]

Chartreuse (yellow-green), sly tenor, grins, fox-like eyes. Represented in Tarot as Hanged Man (oddly enough), Tower. [Lucifer’s PA

Dark Green, firey reds and oranges, nutmeg and allspice smells, trolling, the 2 of Pentacles (Change) card from Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot deck, I’ve also heard him in Bye Bye Beautiful by Nightwish and Pyromania by Cascada. [Nova’s Grimoire] [does not work closely with this deity]

Boost of confidence, sudden feelings of cockiness, urge to push things over to cause general mischief, sense of calm cool collectiveness, suddenly enhanced powers of observation, notice of “quiet time”, loosened feelings of guilt. Lessons in standing on your own two feet. [StSathyre]

hair that can only be described as pushed back curled flame. red-orange and olive green. Sometimes he has a goatee, sometimes he has his mouth scars. When he shows up there’s a feel that he just ran here and stumbled in like “okay what’d I miss?”. He’s fun but a little dangerous. Morbidly enraptured by Chelsea Handler’s bit on redheads. Amused when I complain about how cold I am. Rambunctious and fun. I get the feeling he is like stupidly in love with Sigyn, like suddenly a nerdy tween in love with the CUTEST GIRL IN SCHOOL. He manages to be cooler with all the other ladies. Way cooler. [TheWalker]


Tall and pale. He goes past albino in that he is literally white, both his skin and hair are pure white. Long, agile fingers. Stag imagery, especially white ones. Both elegant and rustic. He has the feel of a sunny afternoon in a cabin. Enjoys a mix of natural elements and classic styles. His colors are gold, white/cream, tan and green. sometimes his hound will hang out with you. Has a cool uncle feel. I most commonly see him quietly reading in the setting sun. [TheWalker][doesn’t work closely with deity]


bright blue eyes, very articulate, his energy feels very subtle and elegant, ache in left shoulder, a light weight on the left wrist, sweaters, associated with 5 of Swords or the Devil in the tarot. [bouquetsofperfumedstars] [does not work closely with deity]

Electric blue, elegant mannerisms, hearing his names everywhere you normally wouldn’t (especially Morningstar, in my experience), strong but not intrusive prescence. [dancing-in-shadows]

An ache in the left shoulder, repressed smiles/smirks, blue/blue eyes, a smooth baritone with crisp pronunciation. Represented in Tarot as King of Swords (informal), Devil (official capacity). Images include feathers, peacocks, single wing motifs, and of course, his sassy face. [Lucifer’s PA]

Serpent and dragon symbolism, the scent of freshly fallen snow, lightning, a certain shade of dark blue (almost like Tumblr’s background, but not quite), static electricity. Signs tend to be painfully obvious and in your face, such as zir titles popping up multiple times a day in random places or spoken aloud. [Lux]

HE LOOKS LIKE ALL THE HOT GUYS I DREW IN 5TH GRADE. No joke, it’s a little awkward. Long black hair in a low ponytail, tall, lightly muscled with good cheek bones and blue eyes. Huge black wings at appear occasionally. Wears black shoes, black pants, and a black turtleneck. Quiet, thoughful and a little introverted. Doesn’t like Loki because he ruins his cool composed exterior. Pretty sure he’s not as aloof as he tries to act. Reminds me of a soft grunge blog. [TheWalker][doesn’t work closely with deity]


Ache in left shoulder when he’s around, snakes and serpents sometimes with/adorned on him, Consort/Twin Flame of Lilith, Lord of Hell, Snake in Eden, long blonde hair, short blonde hair, blue eyes, very pretty and feminine male beauty, also appears in “hellish” red armor or “angelic” blue armor with usually 6 wings, also appears as a rather comforting Skeleton with skeletal wings and very calm, deathly energy. Colors include Blue, Gold/Yellow, Black. peacock symbolism and *possibly* connection/same as Peacock Angel of Yezidi. Teaches with both negative and positive lessons. Teaches specifically to his individual students needs.[Luciantheseeker]


Big, bold, masculine energy (you cannot deny it). Deep Tuscan reds and golds, the lorica segmentata (leather body armour of the Roman Legions). Gladius swords, pikes, and the steady grimness of a gristled commander. Wolves (remember Romulus and Remus were fostered by the She Wolf), and woodpeckers. Earthy, hazel eyes and the warmth of late spring/early summer. [BellonaNJ73]


Gold, Red, Orange, darkest blue. Heat, Fire, Flame. Cardinals (for me at least). Typically firm, stern, military sort of voice. Armor. Soft touch on the right shoulder. Quirky and sometimes mouthy—-you know to combat Lucifer’s sassy face. [sassandserendipity]


The hermit tarot card seems to call to you. And for some strange reason you always know the way. When you are lost at times you might see a dim lantern light, or a guiding hand ready to help you along. A warm and calming presence that is as comforting and pleasant as the sun. A spark of fire resides within you. In your dreams, signs of mountain lions, roman temples, or endless fields of sunflowers might be seen. Colors of red, orange, yellow, and purple seem to be to your liking. Sometimes, when you are lonely, you might feel a warm embrace around you trying to comfort. [faerylizzy] [If anyone is working with/drawn to this deity, please contact her]


she looks like milla jonovich if Milla Jonovich dressed like it was the 50s/60s and had no eyes. Her eyes are completely white, they don’t look clouded so much as cut out. Like her face was paper. Very HBIC. She likes the the Anne Taintor, bitchy stepford smiler thing.  [TheWalker][doesn’t work closely with deity]


Unusually active temper. Urge to “get even.” Cold, emotionless drive for vengeance and justice. Balance. Hatred for undue reward. Disgust for unwarranted pride and an urge to bring those people down to size. A sense of infallibility. Maybe a feeling a heaviness, weighing you down—like a physical embodiment of power or duty. I usually associate her with times of feeling particularly agreeable with my gods, excluding her. [Boneshaker][Does not work closely with deity]


a sense of largeness, cobalt blue, big open notes played on brass instruments. Safeness, lack-of-malice. Gulls. Represented in Tarot as King of Coins. [Hofgythia]


A gentle, feminine, and loving presence who feels like the night sky.  She may cause a desire to learn astronomy and to have starry things.  [arcturus0]


Heaviness in the atmosphere. Grays, Silver, and black. Murders of crows. Lone crows or pairs. The sudden feeling of a lesson coming. The feeling of having a stern teacher standing over your shoulder. Extraordinary feelings of approval or disapproval when applicable.  [StSathyre]


white, pink, crimson, black, sunset colors; roses, narcissus, crocus, hyacinth, wildflowers; feminine, sweet, comforting, very caring, but can be very harsh when she needs to; feels like more of a close friend than motherly or sisterly; floral, fruity, or spice smells; relates to depression, S.A.D.; warmth like sunlight; a warm hug around the shoulders from behind; regal, elegant clothing; sweet girlishness vs formality and maturity; associated with the Empress in the tarot. [bouquetsofperfumedstars]

Primus/The Prime:

Shades of Blue color your daily life, power/energy radiates from the chest area.  Surges of confidence/ambition.  You feel like nothing can stop you.  Calming effect on those around you. [PaganTech]


Chiming bells, bright yellow and white, energetic (but channeled into creativity) [Lux]


Long black hair, sometimes tangled as per her mythology. Ravens that swarm and circle. A giant cauldron. Often I see her in a cave. She weaves stories and sings beautiful otherworld tunes and likes to send shadow creatures too. She appears either as a very beautiful maiden or a crown with a stick, which she uses to stir the cauldron of souls.

She has a beautiful comb and may ask you to brush her hair as per the mythos. She appears also with sea creatures and seals, and sometimes is half-seal or selkie looking depending on the work. [Dusken]


uncontrolled bouts of anger, red, desert sands, blistering heat, desire to feel the sun, desire to masturbate, desire to donate blood. [Satsekhem]


Silver, sourceless light, long flowing gowns. On a throne when sitting. Silhouette of wings when standing. Sense of calm and comfort amid chaos. [StSathyre]


Pale lavender, serenity, butterflies, a kind of strength through patience and loyalty. Still waters. Love.  [beforetheworldgoesheadlong]

Overwhelming love and joy, quiet strength, periwinkle blue, blossoms, streams/creeks/brooks, floral scents, light musical laughter, associated with the Star in Tarot, timid smiles, calm whispers, gentle touches. [darylina-dixon]

The Star or Temperance, in Tarot imagery. Comfortable silence. Sunflowers. [Hofgythia]

Buttercup yellow, silence/peaceful quiet (she didn’t speak to me), motherly/sisterly affection, braids. [Lucifer’s PA]


hearty laughter, alcohol, thunderstorms, rain, lightning, very friendly and a bit casual, bear hugs, protective, deep blues, earthy colors, associated with Strength in the tarot. [bouquetsofperfumedstars] [does not work closely with deity]

Deep blues, earthy green, storm clouds, rain, hearty laughter, protectiveness, metal, beer or mead, associated with the Chariot in Tarot, can be a bit brash, but is generally very welcoming. [darylina-dixon]

Cloudless thunder, electricity in the bones, warmth, bleating goats, joviality associated with hunger and thirst satisfaction. Gold, blues, greens. Lots of meat. [StSathyre]

Dresses like an 18 century officer. Darker reddish hair with a big bushy mustache and muttonchops. Terse, not a big conversationalist most of the time but definitely kind . You can see it twinkling in his eyes. Feels huge and towering and warm. Makes me feel like I’m a kid and he’s an uncle I haven’t seen in a long time. Protective and caring. Probably acts different with people who aren’t so “family”. More boisterous. [TheWalker][doesn’t work closely with deity]

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